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Certification Procedure

Certification procedure

Application for certification / analysis of the documentation
Examination of the application and documents submitted by the company, listed in the "Special Rules" for the specific product to be certified. Any deficiencies and significant deviations from the requirements, identified at this stage, will be announced in order to ensure that appropriate changes can be introduced before the execution of the evaluation visit.

Initial Valuation
After application for certification is accepted CSICERT will appoint an auditor to undertake a visit to the organization to verify the conformity of the product, process or service, in the case of products, the samples provided by the special rules are taken for tests. The auditor also has the task to make an assessment of the controls that the producer performs on the finished product, and verify compliance with all other requirements prescribed by any "Special Rules.". Following the evaluation, the auditor will present the results to management; then, if the results include non-conformity or observations, we will require a corrective action plan to meet the requirements. Following the successful resolution of all non-conformity may emerge from the audit, and the positive outcome of laboratory tests (in the case of products), certification will be issue.

Maintenance of Certification
After the issue of the certificate will follow the surveillance audit to check the maintenance of compliance. The frequency of the surveillance audit and laboratory tests, and fixed by the special rules applicable.

The validity of the certification is defined in the  specific rules, at the expiry date the contract is automatically renewed unless notice is received from one of the two contracting parties 4 (four) months before the expiry date.

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